About Us

Welcome to Suggi Naturals! We’re excited that you’re here! 
Whether you’re a ‘Sattvik’ food (ಸಾತ್ವಿಕ ಆಹಾರ) consumer or an organic food (ಸಾವಯವ ಆಹಾರ) lover or someone who likes natural unadulterated food products, Suggi Naturals is on your side. Our range of products are sourced from rural areas and made available to you to take the full health benefits of these natural products.
Simply put, we source the natural food items from the remote villages bring them to you at an affordable price. We envision to become one-stop shop for natural products. Hence, we recently added other natural items such as personal care and cleaning products to list of items. Watch this space for more such natural products addition.
The Birth of Suggi Naturals
The idea of Suggi Naturals was conceived in 2010 when founder Vidyadhar Hegade and his wife Suneeta noticed the rural agricultural producers’ struggle to sell and urban consumers’ struggle to buy, natural food products. As a native of Malanad Sirsi, Vidyadhar and Suneeta witnessed the agricultural producers’ plight to find proper market for her/his high quality produce in places like Sirsi. While working as a Finance Professional for more than ten years in Bengaluru, Vidyadhar also witnessed the plight of the consumers who struggle to find natural food products in the markets. Having lived the life of both rural producer and urban consumer, he recognized the need to create a value system that served both communities well. The desire to create this value system became Vidyadhar’s passion and dream which made him to leave his well-paid Finance job behind to set-up Suggi Naturals.
After nearly four years of painstaking traveling across various parts of Karnataka and extensive networking with rural producers and setting-up of proper supply chain, Suggi Naturals became a reality with its first branch in Banashankari in 2014. Today, our much liked natural food products are available for North Bengaluru consumers through Vidyarnyapura branch.